Shauna James Ahern sent me a copy of Gluten-Free girl and the chef (a love story) in anticipation of Thanksgiving (a very glutenous, gluttonous holiday if ever there was one). She hopes to spread the word that gluten-free baking is tasty and fun to share with those that we love. check and check.

Last week, we celebrated Veteran’s Day with two days off from school and an outstanding (gluten-free!) baking project: chocolate peanut butter brownies.

Holden told me, “Mommy, I like being your big grocery store helper; I wish I could be 146,000 feet tall so I’d be the most significant helper there is!”

Sweet, right? Of course, as a giant, he couldn’t fit in the store, but his heart is in the best place.

After our scavenger-hunt-like search for Xantham gum ($13, ouch) and our argument over whether unsweetened chocolate could be delicious if enough sugar was added to the recipe, Holden and I delighted in our baking adventure: we got to use fun gadgets that I didn’t remember I owned such as the food scale and the double boiler; Holden was very responsible for dumping, mixing, and swirling; together, we whisked and licked beaters.

ফলাফল? very tasty but a little less pretty than Shauna’s own picture. Is it alright to blame my five-year-old peanut butter swirler that we didn’t achieve the picture ideal image below? Sorry, kid. যাইহোক আমি তোমাকে ভালোবাসি.

chocolate peanut butter brownies by shauna james ahern

Thanks to Shauna for sharing her recipes with me. Make sure to check out her book, Gluten-Free girl and the chef (a love story), if you find yourself cooking for anybody with Celiac Disease. I’ll be sharing my brownies and Xantham gum with my friend, Sarah, if I can stop eating them long enough.

Danny (AKA the Chef) and Shauna invited numerous many bloggers to their Thanksgiving feast. If you want to check out the other dishes (not made by five-year-olds) and get inspired to cook, bake and roast a full-on Thanksgiving, visit glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com. Oh yeah, and she’s also giving away a ton of prizes:

3 copies of their cookbook

a collection of all the gluten-free flours required to bake from their coookbook

a get bag of spices and oils that might be necessary

a baking package, including jelly roll pans, a Silpat, tart pans, etc.

and finally, a kitchen aid MIXER!

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